MALE PERSPECTIVE: On Why Men Love Women With Big Bottoms By Mitchell Odhiambo

On Why Men Love Women With Big Bottoms  Great future behind you was a popular phrase back in 2011. To...

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On Why Men Love Women With Big Bottoms 

Great future behind you was a popular phrase back in 2011. To date, we still hear various versions of the same phrase. This goes to show how much men love a “full house”

Even where men deliberate on national issues, there is silence that follows when a voluminous woman swooshes right before them followed by a series of heads tilted towards the same direction. Religious or otherwise, this thing does not discriminate. Talk about the strength of a woman?

You hear phrases like when she walks majestically the earth trembles. She is the one whose strength balances the universe, when you approach her from behind you cannot but notice the Centre of gravity. The concoction thereof is heavy, this thing is like witchcraft.

This must be a blessing from the Creator. Men he created in a linear fashion; straight like a ruler. Well, the woman he formed curving her out in absolute mastery. If this was a skill, call him the blacksmith. Around puberty, late adolescence, he redistributes the fat onto the appropriate areas in a manner that suggests he has given us all things richly to enjoy.

Some men believe the heavier the base, the more stable she is even as a wife. I am not sure whether this is a fallacy and I am really curious so if you know, tell me. We often get fascinated by what we don’t have. Primarily I believe that is why men fancy big butt.

Personally, I have a bias towards women with great behinds. I feel more confident courting a woman whom if perhaps you were approaching us from behind as we took a nature walk, you wouldn’t have to look at our clothing to establish who is the female between us. It would be rather obvious to you no matter how many miles afar you are.

I know there are men who love models and I totally respect that. Every man has his preference; each to his won. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective, click my colleague Lillian’s views, on Why Women Love Tall Men

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