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Dealing with rejection be it professional or personal is always difficult at the best of times. It is never easy to deal with another email or phone call from an HR department rejecting you – especially when everything looked so promising.

If you are managing to secure interviews then congratulations – this means your CV is good and so what you now need to focus on more, are your interview skills i.e. soft skills.  However, if you are constantly being rejected even before interview stage then you need to update/ change your CV or ensure you are addressing and/or meet the qualifications required for the post. After all, no matter how wonderful you think your CV is, if you haven’t got the 2 years of accountancy experience required, then you will not be shortlisted.

Interviews however, are never a waste of time. Always take and learn something new from each and every interview experience.

So, keep going, remain positive (no matter how down you may feel inside) and remember, there is a job out there for you; sometimes it just takes a little longer to find it so never give up!

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