Male Perspective By Mitchell Odhiambo ‘On Dancing’

'On Dancing' I cannot help but watch my body move unwittingly in awe when my cores are shaken with songs...

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‘On Dancing’

I cannot help but watch my body move unwittingly in awe when my cores are shaken with songs rich in culture. These songs often range from the Nigerian, Zimbabwean, South African, Colombian songs that come with crazy dance moves like shoki. Or the western songs like ‘watch me whip watch me nae nae’. On the other hand, we have the romantic blues which provoke intense soul connection on the dance floor for the more mature. What do you do when your partner’s dance moves are heaven to watch, while yours leave a lot to be desired? Are you under any obligation to match her skills?

Absolutely not; however, I recommend you learn the art. In my opinion, dance is an art you can learn by continual practice and eventual perfection with unyielded determination. To co-ordinate your body and your partner’s in a classical rhythm that allows the soul of the song to permeate your bones is a feeling inconceivable by words and breathtaking when experienced. Make your woman look so good that praises are lavished on her including compliments that she is not from planet earth.

Give your woman this experience so you leave her craving for a night out all the time. You do not have to match your younger version who probably partied every weekend. You can be an asset, make it rare but memorable. More like a vintage collection of art. Keep adding a few mysterious moves to your docket. Occasionally surprise her by playing some soft music and steal a dance. (Works best if you are cohabiting.) It is soothing for the soul and is good for your health.

This my friend is the language of the soul reserved for the veteran love birds. The rhythmic movement of your body in a predetermined fashion, throwing caution to the wind and seizing every opportunity to have your lover in your palms. Learn the tricks you need to. There’s nothing wrong in starting off as a lousy dancer but I think it is a good gesture t to match your partner and to surprise her often.

Hit the floor when you are young, middle aged or old, as long as you can stand, dance to the music and cherish the moment of holding your lover in your hands.

Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please click link to view my colleague Lillian’s post

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