MALE PERSPECTIVE – On Why men are Commitment Phobic? By Mitchell Odhiambo

On Why men are Commitment Phobic? You know hell still has your address when the woman you are courting hits...

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On Why men are Commitment Phobic?

You know hell still has your address when the woman you are courting hits you with the catch phrase “We need to talk”.

 This ranks high up in the list of phrases men hate to hear from women. Questions ring all over your head, now what could have happened this time round? What is this she couldn’t say up front that we apparently have to talk about? Did she say it in a jolly tone or was she a little bit disgruntled? Oh my!  Heavens help you.

Men are reputed to keeping women within their circles and not clearly defining who they are until the woman ambushes them. What are we? Then the dude fumbles. Ehh…

So, let me help out some of our ladies here. If he keeps introducing you to his peers by your name, you have not met his family, have no clear definition for who you are to him, yet you have been together for 12 months or more, my friend pack your bags, you are no where in his future plans.

If he makes you the envy of all girls, proudly introducing you as his lady to his peers and family, then Bullseye! Talk to your tailors and find yourself a wedding committee. You have played your cards well. But why again is the present day man commitment phobic? Is he?

It is a huge responsibility to add a queen to your kingdom. You could have been the alpha of your domain but the minute you add a she to your story, your kingdom is either magnified or, doomed (this depends on the strength of your choices). In many ways, you are not the one in charge anymore. Who wants to lose control? Lol

On a serious note though, any gentleman that is serious about a woman, undergoes some rigorous thought provoking, evaluation prior to committing himself to a single woman. You should see how men wobble when they propose to a woman. Sometimes I think it is not the ‘No’ men are afraid of. Men are wired to quickly bounce out of that.

It is the possibility of a Yes that shakes their epicenter to the core. There’s no turning back on this. It translates to responsibility you had never conceived in your life i.e. hair maintenance, nail and polish, manicure and pedicure, cosmetics, body lotions, facial scrub, hair gloss and gels, house arrangements etc. Mention these items to any man and observe the reaction on his face; you will appreciate what I am talking about.

There you go until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world To get a female perspective, please click link to read my colleague Lillian’s views –

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