'IF YOU THINK EDUCATION IS EXPENSIVE, TRY IGNORANCE' When people say 'Ignorance is bliss' I always find that statement ironic;...

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When people say ‘Ignorance is bliss’ I always find that statement ironic; surely only an ignorant person would agree with it?

How can you live a blissful life whilst not having a clue as to what is going on around you, your neighbourhood, your country or indeed, around the globe? How bliss can it be if you have no clue as to the good, the bad and the ugly that is happening around you?

You may find bad news depressing and yes, we have all had days when we really do not want to watch the news for fear of hearing about more war, hunger, terrorism, hate and more. However, to simply switch off and convince yourself that what goes on outside your comfort zone is of no concern to you, is ignorant. Tomorrow, that same tragedy could be right on your doorstop.

When Ebola surfaced in West Africa, many countries especially in the west, turned a blind eye – after all (they thought), the disease was only affecting people in a continent thousands of miles away. What did this have anything to do with them or indeed, their citizens?

What they had not counted on, was that we now live in a global world and that apart from North Korea and Myanmar (Burma), no country is isolated. So when some Americans and Brits started arriving in the US & UK showing signs of Ebola, the western world then woke up and started to scramble for solutions. Unfortunately, this period also witnessed a lot of ignorance; with people assuming the whole of Africa was now an Ebola zone. Holidays and trips to African countries no where near the affected region, were cancelled.

Ignorance can also work the other way in that one is blissfully unaware about opportunities. Some of our Brand Ambassadors (BAs), have turned up to events to assist, only to end up leaving with a bag of goodies and internships, while their counter parts are at home playing computer games.

We live in a world where access to the world as well as information, is often only a finger click away and yet what do we do when we access the internet? We choose internet sites that are full of malicious gossip or, full of inappropriate material. Use the internet to educate yourself; don’t rely on it to feed you information from ignorant people which you then package as truth. You deserve better. So, keep yourself educated and motivated and look out for internship and graduated opportunities which we will be posting soon.

Wishing you all, a fantastic week. With best wishes, Miriam

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