FEMALE PERSPECTIVE By Lillian Sudi On ‘Should a woman say Yes on her first date?’

On 'Should a woman say Yes on her first date?' Well you met this man online, at a bus stop,...

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On ‘Should a woman say Yes on her first date?’

Well you met this man online, at a bus stop, at work or a rugby game…who cares? You were both intrigued by one other, so much so, that you decided to go on a date, hopefully the first of many. Whatever the genesis of your encounter was, after the date would you say yes to starting a relationship if he asked? Or would you wait for a couple more dates?

It mostly depends on the date. Obviously you would sit there and wonder why the rush? But unless it was a random bump-in, I am certain the two of you had conversed many a time prior the actual date.

If you enjoyed his company and because I hate wasting my time, I would suggest you smile and say hell YES!! Well, as powerful as it might feel making the man work for his keep and beg for courtship with you, I also assume you have met enough douche bags out there to be in a position to finally want a genuine man. This might be it. Besides how many men actually ASK to court you nowadays? So many people out there are confused about whether their relationships are actual relationships. The awkwardness of going out on more and more dates but not knowing where you stand is so confusing and equally frustrating. And so I say test the waters swiftly and decisively. Otherwise if you’re with someone you don’t intend on cementing things with, then I highly advocate you stop tampering with another lady’s future spouse

He may be more than meets the eye so if there is a little spark then why not just go for it? Ironically, in a world with a billion people, getting a suitable spouse is a crudely daunting task. And so if both of you seem to be on the same page why wait? As long as he is not a complete creep and you can find a handful of things you like about him, he deserves a shot and so do you. Live a little, life is too short, date that sweet guy and get to know where the waves carry you. At the end of the day, I am almost certain that most love stories had a first date involved…the subsequent meetings can be overlooked.

The man might end up being a complete waste of your time but sometimes it is good to just blindly throw yourself in a situation whose outcome is highly unpredictable just to shake up your innards and nerves and make sure you are capable of feeling that unease. This may seem wreckless however, most good things in life were a gamble. Huge risks might lead to huge losses but they might also result in very worthwhile gains. Nowadays people get engaged online to people they have never physically met, at the end of the day, your story will never be exactly the same as everyone else’s. You’ll eventually realize your life is in a crisis when your mother starts asking why you don’t have a significant other and starts arranging accidental bump-ins between you and her friend’s children, which might also be when it hits you that you should have been a bit less rigid about relationships when you could.

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