MALE PERSPECTIVE on ‘BAD BOYS’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

Male Perspective on BAD BOYS He’s tall, he’s ruthless. He’s got a broad chest, huge biceps, the six pack of...

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Male Perspective on BAD BOYS

He’s tall, he’s ruthless. He’s got a broad chest, huge biceps, the six pack of all times, a leather Jacket and the latest motor model cruising through town. He’s intense. He’s a total man, he’s the bad boy. Why do women find him so irresistibly attractive?

I have seen a lot of women drool over the bad boy syndrome. There’s something about his misdemeanor that is out of this world. He makes love philosophical i.e. the only thing that hurts in this world yet people keep going for it.

The mystery cast around his spell is almost a black hole. Once a damsel has tasted it, they keep going around the same cycle. He is thrilling to be around but he also comes with a lot of heartbreaks. I think he is as popular because he is the forbidden fruit. Just to see him, demands a lot of secrecy or outright defiance yet the adrenaline rush he grants totally justifies the adventure.

Women love surprises and this is where the bad boy has mastered the art of spontaneity. I bet some of the escapades he plunges himself into are surprises to himself as well. Totally unprecedented; living on a total high. Once you subject yourself to this, you get addicted to the highs of life. The lows become absurd and unbearably boring.

Women think they can tame the beast in him. The King ought to bow at the queen’s request only, save from that he should embrace his wild instinct and give the woman the ride of her life. This also is the cause of all pain and heartbreak. It is a fantasy difficult to realize. I empathize with our dear women.

I think all men should embrace some degree of unpredictability. In my eyes, the instinct is innate in all men as displayed in boy kids as they play wrestling, police games etc. They seem to enjoy all manner of roughness. Embrace your wild instinctive nature with some degree of moderation though. Thrill the women in your lives. My advice to women about ‘Bad Boys’ – Buyer Beware!

Until we meet again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world.  To get a female perspective on BAD BOYS, please click link to read my colleague Lillian’s views – 

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