Female Perspective on 'Bad Boys' I had a chat with my friend the other day. I needed my fluorescent lighting...

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Female Perspective on ‘Bad Boys’

I had a chat with my friend the other day. I needed my fluorescent lighting connection fixed and apparently she had the same problem earlier the previous week. She told me she had called her friend to come fix it and offered to ask him to come fix mine. I explained how high up the bulb was and that it would be too much work so I was willing to pay for the service, but she said he’s a ‘nice’ guy and he liked her so he was always willing to do whatever she wanted, anytime any day.

Of course my next question was, why wasn’t she dating him already? Her ex was a crazy drunkard who was too willing to go after anything in a skirt and I thought this new guy was a perfect break from all that but she hated the way he was needy, boring and too willing to do anything for her. She wanted someone who was a bit more of a challenge. Simply put, there’s a breed of women who find bad boys irresistible. Some call it a phase, because a few of these women eventually grow out of the infamous ‘bad boy syndrome’, although many others are not as lucky.

That got me thinking; do women really want a good man or are we all just running around in circles after men who are not worth it, knowing full well, or otherwise, that the relationship will end with us in the sack and later crying our eyes out from heartbreak? One would wonder why a woman would get a good man who buys her flowers and opens doors for her only for her to forfeit all this and fall for a man who treats her like complete garbage. Do we just enjoy what we cannot fully posses?

So why are bad boys so alluring to women? Well let’s face it; bad boys are crazy and fun. They always keep you guessing, every second spent with them is somewhat an adventure and women love the thrill that comes with being around them. They take risks in all sectors of their lives. A bad boy always finds unconventional ways of doing things and this keeps the woman on her toes.

Bad boys always take the lead role in relationships. They do not second guess themselves; they are action oriented, which generally makes a woman feel safe because he fills the shoes of a protector. Their proud rebellious nature is mostly mistaken for power and power is very attractive to most woman.

Many women who have a passionate affair with a bad boy admit that the passion was difficult to forget. The man might have left her with a broken heart (which is often the case), but she will fantasize about the time they spent together and all the fun things they did because the relationship was full of passion and often, drama.

Bad boys are more masculine and have a stronger dark mysterious side to them. Women are naturally emotional creatures; hence the allure of a contained man who can provide a solid pillar when emotions are all over the place is hard to turn down.

Lastly, I believe that there is some form of satisfaction that comes from taming the ‘wild bad boy’. The illusion that he is rough with everyone else but you, that you understand him in the midst of his crazy nature, that you are somehow rescuing him from himself. This however remains just an illusion and after getting disappointed enough times, the woman will ultimately resort to the ‘nice’ guy she abhorred. Until we meet next time.  To get a Male Perspective on Bad Boys, please click link to read my colleague, Mitch’s viewshttp://goo.gl/o7blni

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