Female Perspective on ‘Mama’s Boy’ By Lillian Sudi

Female Perspective On 'Mama’s Boy' I...

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Female Perspective On ‘Mama’s Boy’

I read an article online the other day with a striking phrase that read, “Choose wisely the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with, they will end up being the greatest source of joy or misery from the moment you say I do”.

With that out of the way, we don’t have to ponder much on why women do not like mama’s boys.

I once had a friend who would mention his mother in each and every sentence, it did not matter whether he was talking about football…somehow he would find a way of fitting his darling mother in there. He would answer his phone and change his tone to high pitched when his mother was on the other end of the line. His mum had to give her consent on when she believed he was ready to date, the lady he dated and on some occasions, went as far as accompanying him to see the said date(s). While this behaviour may have been a bit extreme, truth be told, any mama’s boy will give any woman a throbbing headache due to his overwhelming attachment to his mother.

Every woman appreciates a man who loves and respects his mother but that is the beginning and the end of it. When the soft spot runs too deep, the mama’s boy flag pops up and the man can be referred to as a lost cause from there henceforth. Any sensible woman knows that when her man has another woman she can fight the good fight and keep her relationship intact if she wants to salvage it but when the other woman is his mother, the battle is lost before it has even begun. Any attempt to compete with a man’s mother, the one woman who birthed and raised him, would be a total fiasco. And rest assured that no woman is willing to share a bed with you and settle for a lousy title of second fiddle.

So who or what, constitutes a mama’s boy? Contrary to the stereotype of a mama’s boy being whimsy, he might actually be quite tough but when his mother makes ridiculous demands he won’t even flinch when it comes to making her wish come true. The brick wall between a mama’s boy and a man with a healthy relationship with his mother is his ability to say no to her. This might not entirely be his fault, chances are he was brought up in a home with an absentee father and his mother is all he grew up looking up to. His mother equally used him to fill the void left behind by her spouse. And the bond between mother and son became overwhelmingly strong, so much so, that any woman who would later come in to the man’s life would always be considered as a third wheel. Whether we look at all parties as victims of circumstances or not; no woman wants a mama’s boy. She will end up getting into countless fights with him simply because something she said or did was not in line with what his darling mother believed to be true.

The situation can only be salvaged once this young man grows out of his role as his mother’s virtual partner and opens himself up to another woman; and his mother perceiving the new woman as a gained relationship and an expansion to her family rather than a threat to her relationship with her son. Unfortunately this is hardly the case so it might be more rewarding for any woman in a relationship with a man unusually attached to his mother to cut her losses early or to settle down with him and accept her position as the second woman in her man’s life.  To get a male perspective on this subject, please click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views – http://goo.gl/3BiXx3

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