MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo On Why Men Should Always Make the First Move

On Why Men Should Always Make the First Move In my opinion, it is criminal, it is offensive, and in...

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On Why Men Should Always Make the First Move

In my opinion, it is criminal, it is offensive, and in fact the government should introduce a jail term for women who make the first move on men. Men are binary, he is either into you or he is not. If he is he will let you know, if not let him go. It’s no use being in a single lane highway relationship all by yourself.

Ladies, you must learn to allow the alpha in a man to call the shots in a relationship. If you are attracted to a man and you cannot contain the heat, send him signals and draw back. Allow him to come running then play hard to get. There’s something mysterious about love; it’s adorably silly.

The minute you make a move on a man, your credit ratings plummet. Perhaps he was interested but my friend; you just blew your own cover and expelled yourself out of his league. Men are predatorial by nature. The instinct in him is to pursue and to kill his prey. He needs to know he chased and you were tough to pin down; the more the challenge, the merrier, and the more irresistible you are. We are no fans of dead prey, we are no scavengers, we fancy enjoying our own sweat and blood.

On a different note, we do not enjoy being pestered, what may pass as a normal conversation between the ladies to us qualifies as whining. That’s a red flag which screams run run run!!! I keep telling young women, whether it is a man you want or something from him, hint, mention it if you must and allow him to process it. Just because we are silent does not mean we have not heard you.

The more you keep repeating it or worse the more available you appear to be for a relationship, the less appealing you are in our eyes. Keep him guessing, his appetite will grow like that of a beast. No matter the obstacles, you cannot stop a man in his tracks especially where love is the propelling force in action. Make sure he notices you then elude him. Come rain, come sunshine, you are assured, you will have the time of your life.

Be careful though, understand your (targeted) man’s threshold and balance it out. Don’t strain him but I can promise you no human wants an easy catch at least not for a wife. The assumption is, with this ease, well anyone else can have her.   Until we speak again, I am your host. Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world . To get a female perspective, please click link to read my colleague Lillian’s views – 


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