MALE PERSPECTIVE ON – What we expect on a first date By Mitchell Odhiambo

  First Dates… Could there be anything that requires as much meticulous planning as first dates do? This is someone you could...

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First Dates… Could there be anything that requires as much meticulous planning as first dates do?

This is someone you could potentially spend the rest of your life with. If you screw up, you are finished completely, if you get screwed you are completely finished. One way or another, it’s a live wire.

Truth be told, we like it when the woman is punctual. Who am I kidding? Be a little bit late ladies, its adorable. Allow the man to deal with the possibility that you stood him up for a few seconds and watch the relief on his face when you finally show up. Always a classic. Arrive earlier than the dude and I can promise you the dude will be worried, what is this? Could he be dating himself into a military camp?

There are a number of niceties we appreciate as men:  dress well ladies, dress to kill and make every other man in the room jealous. Walk straight towards him and smile graciously as you say hi – and apologize for being late as you charmingly take your seat. The dude is going through an internal implosion of joy. He wants to jump and shout while he tries to sit and remain calm. If he is keen on you, this giveaway sign is, the man will always laugh. That is the only channel he knows to let out his mixed feelings. If only you knew

Take the dinner table and hopefully you know your way around the cutlery presented before you. Allow yourself to tone down then bring your A game to the dinner table, especially laugh at his jokes and be honest. If his jokes are dry, they are dry, just politely ask him to change tact, if his jokes are not working) Most importantly, just be yourself and I can promise you, he’ll be dialing your line first thing tomorrow morning. Make the wrong calculations and you’ll be dialing your own line for the next one week. He won’t call.

And finally allow him to foot the bill. When the bill is brought, no matter the cost ladies, act unmoved. Let the man in him sweat it out if he has to. I know men that dig that to the bone. Also don’t lick your fingers, its your first date honestly. Make room for a few errors though, even if it means make them deliberate, men like the thought that she is almost perfect. Ever heard of the statement “I like her flaws” Yes exactly.

So, happy dating!  Until we meet again, Welcome to a man’s world. From Mitchell Odhiambo    To get a female perspective on this topic, please click this link to read my colleague Lucy’s views

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