FEMALE PERSPECTIVE On The Things We Find Unattractive About Men By Lucy Ngigi

Female perceptive on The Things We Find attractive About Men   While  I don’t dispute that we too have our faults...

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Female perceptive on The Things We Find attractive About Men


While  I don’t dispute that we too have our faults as women,  we accept that no one is perfect. However, there are some things that are more than we can put up with and which go beyond our calling.

We love you men, really we do, but there are just some things that you do that drive us totally crazy.  If you’re looking for a relationship stay away from these deal breakers, otherwise it spells the end game for you. Every lady has that ideal man whom she wants to date and not just date but perhaps proceed with, to the next stage in life.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however, personally I am not attracted to men who brag. It’s good for you that you have all the best and classy things, but try asking questions about us, rather than blabbing on and on about yourself all the time. Let me  share a little secret with you. Girls can be far worse but we tend to keep it low key especially when we realize  the situation is becoming uncomfortable.

A man with no sense of humor just puts ladies off. We like a man who is intelligent enough to make us laugh and happy all the time. Another thing a guy who is over protective just gets on ladies nerves, girls need space once in a while to have a girls day out without being interrogated about where she is or what she is doing every hour or so. I don’t dispute it makes us feel cared for, however,  please don’t go overboard.

A guy who always expects us to clean up after them is unattractive. Helping out once in a while makes us more attracted as well as appreciative towards you i.e. clean up the table after a meal once in a while.

A man is the head of the family; he should be ambitious and have a focus in life. It makes us respect you if you have goals in life, and with that comes support from the lady. With no focus you become unattractive.

Poor hygiene and bad manners just makes us take off. Not only will proper hygiene make you attractive it will also keep you comfortable throughout the day, if not for us then do it for yourself. In addition, an annoying trait is one of behaving like a big baby despite being a grown man. This is unattractive.

Lastly a confident man makes a lady weak at the knees. General confidence is a plus i.e. the way you walk and articulate your points. Without confidence, you fail the test.  To get a male perspective  about ‘The Things they Find Unattractive About Women’ please click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views – http://goo.gl/lUBjYx   


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