FEMALE PERSPECTIVE ON – What we expect on a first date By Lucy Ngigi

Securing a first date means preparing accordingly if you expect to land a second. The first date it’s all about making an impression,...

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Securing a first date means preparing accordingly if you expect to land a second. The first date it’s all about making an impression, not just any impression but a good one. All a lady wants is to feel that the man not only thought about the date, but also prepared for it.  Below are several unspoken expectations that a lady would expect on a first date, although don’t expect her to tell you what these are. Gentlemen, she will expect you to know these:

  1. First, the lady needs the man to be attentive during the activities of the night. We all know that men cannot multitask, so he needs to be man enough and leave all the other responsibilities and concentrate on you alone for the moment, not thinking about work, family, friends etc. We women need attention and feel treasured when we are listened to all the time. If you want to secure a second date make that woman’s cares your priority.
  2. Ladies also expect the man to play a greater part in communication. We don’t like making men feel intimidated, hence the man should steer the conversation. He should keep the conversation fun, easy and meaningful. Having nothing to say ruins the romantic atmosphere. Another point is, don’t ask the lady questions that make her uncomfortable e.g. ladies hate being asked about the number of men they have dated. Find out new and interesting facts about the woman. If the woman opens up a sensitive subject matter, feel free to pursue it with her at that time.
  3. Another unspoken expectation is that the man should be polite. He should not be pushy and expect the lady to answer everything he asks. Ladies are impressed by chivalrous acts like: opening the door for her, pulling the chair out for her and so on. Show respect and care for the woman but do not force physical contact; just take things slow.
  4. Ladies like and love being complimented, they expect you to compliment a simple thing such as her appearance for the date i.e. her outfit, her hair, or the scent she is using.
  5. Lastly, be organised and prepare well for the date so you know what you should do during and after the date in order to leave her with a lasting impression. Offering a polite end to a wonderful evening just leaves her wanting more.

Happy dating. To get a male perspective on this topic, please click this link to read my colleague Mitch’s views – http://goo.gl/bwEHmv 

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