Before the advent of the second world war, men were known for household providence until...

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Mitchell OdhiamboBefore the advent of the second world war, men were known for household providence until for national pride, men left their wives and kids to go and fight for their countries. That was the game changer. 

Back at home, wives had to head their family units and demonstrate leadership to their sons and daughters and for some men, this is believed to be the source of all societal disintegration. But is this so and on the question of money; how much money is enough? Should a man give money to his woman/wife? The 21st century man is in a crisis.

They say a good man is one who is able to earn more than his woman can spend. One who is able to free his woman from all her worries, provide her all the protection, kingship and provision to make her feel secure and provide enough, so she does not have to work.  That she should only work if she wishes to, at which the man should give her all the support she needs.

I believe that most men are givers and nothing fulfills a man more, than having given to a woman. Look at a man’s physique, everything suggests he was cut out to give; from the broad chest to give bear hugs, to the broad shoulders to give reassurance, comfort and so forth.

I believe men should do the best they can to spoil their women with plenty for plunder. Buy her a house, get her a car, spoil her with chocolate, get her flowers, just get her something because for ladies,  it is the act  and gesture that counts. 

He is not foolish who gives away what he cannot keep in exchange for that which once he has, he cannot lose. That my friend is the price you pay to earn her respect, it passes as affection. Affection in itself improves your star ratings.

Gentlemen , we should feel free to share our resources with the women in our lives without fear of harm and malice and to the women, there are more gold points if you believe in a man’s vision and help him build his empire from scratch. He will forever cherish you and keep you by his side as opposed to what a man thinks if you approach him once he is established already.  Support him in the early days and, work as a team.   Hope you find yourself a good one.     Welcome to a man’s world. From Mitchell Odhiambo  

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  1. Daisy Shamiah       Reply

    mmmmmmmh…well said 21st century man.