LADIES & TIMEKEEPING – A female perspective By Beryl Amatta

On Why She Says She Needs 5 Minutes and Takes 30 Minutes to Arrive Every time...

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Beryl AmattaOn Why She Says She Needs 5 Minutes and Takes 30 Minutes to Arrive

Every time a lady shouts from her bedroom door “I am coming! Just give me five minutes”, she really intends to be done by that time, but it just doesn’t happen. To the men, I know you do not understand why ladies do this to you, but let me take you through what happens in a girl’s world.

As soon as a lady gets a request to go out on a date she automatically starts to imagine what she is going to wear. This will happen even before the guy hangs up, if it was a phone call. It takes seconds! This should tell you how much ladies value how they look. Moreover, all this is anchored on ladies’ recognition that, as I have mentioned before, men are visual. Therefore they want to impress.

But here’s the catch. Despite having had hours, days or even weeks to plan what to wear, the final decision is made on D-day and literally at the eleventh hour. I say ‘final decision’ because in as much as a lady may decide on an outfit, her options are still open. This means that there is a plan B outfit, which in some cases extends all the way to E especially if she still doesn’t know much about the guy.

It is also important to note that not only does a lady want to look good in a particular outfit but to also feel good in it. She may wear the dress she wanted to wear but as soon as she looks in the mirror, the feeling she had when she was trying it on earlier is no longer there which prompts her to look for something else.

Men, by saying all this I am not saying that it is fair for men to be kept waiting. This is why the following solutions could work:

If you are dating, you could help her choose by telling her what you would like to see her in. She values her man’s opinion.

For single ladies, you could get a close friend or relative who understands you to help you choose what to wear.

Try this out and let me know.

This post is a response to my colleague Mitch’s male perspective on women and time keeping. Click link – 

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