LADIES & TIMEKEEPING – A male perspective By Mitchell Odhiambo

On why she says she needs 5 more minutes but then takes 30 minutes...

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Mitchell OdhiamboOn why she says she needs 5 more minutes but then takes 30 minutes to arrive

 A colleague of mine shocked me once when he mentioned that he was once due to meet a damsel in Nairobi CBD, at 12:30pm only for the lady to arrive at 4:00pm. Ladies, You mean when he called you to inform you he was heading out the door, you didn’t bother to hit the shower? Unbelievable.

We did the mathematics and figured. Someone else had travelled from Nairobi to Moyale while this gentleman stood on the same spot waiting for a woman. This is crazy. I have great respect for this man.

If you are a man whether you are dating or not, you have seen this for yourself and you hate it with every fibre of your being. I will use pen and ink to jot down some endless truths that our lady friends should hear on what we think when she says she needs 5 more minutes but then takes 30 minutes to arrive

I solicited a friend’s opinion and without thinking he answered ” That is plain witchcraft my friend. Witchcraft is real “

What exactly happens to time that a lady’s 5 mins can spill over in to half an hour? It takes grace to wait that long. Men are strong. I salute all men in the arena.

I enquired around and figured different ladies will keep you waiting for different reasons but one conclusion I have made is this: it is very deliberate.

1. Some ladies will keep you waiting because they can, just so you know gold does not come easy. Ladies pause for a second and think about that. What do you think men make of it? If only you knew, you would change your ways.

 2.  Others will spend the whole week planning on what to dress for this particular night and yet still change her outfit three times ( while the man is probably hooting outdoor and she keeps saying honey, just a sec, I’m on my way out ). The man wishes the lady in question had a block mind like his; just pick a piece of cloth that would make you look gorgeous and come out of that cabinet. Lets go have a party.

Which leaves me wondering why do ladies have dozens of shoes in their cabinet? Men will have a few pairs and even then wear one until it is unwearable before they switch to the other. What is this thing with our lady friends.? Tell me if you know.

 A word of advice to our gentlemen, next time you go out, don’t wait for her. Go pick her up at her house/place lest someone travels from Nairobi to Moyale while you bask in the open sun which will fry you like an oven.

Enjoy your love life. You are now 10yrs wiser. From Mitchell Odhiambo   Check out my colleague Beryl’s response to this – 

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