LADIES & SHOPPING – A male perspective By Mitchell Odhiambo

On shopping  If you are a man and you are like...

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Mitchell OdhiamboOn shopping

 If you are a man and you are like me, then when a woman asks you to take her out shopping,  you probably think she is  mad.

 You imagine the hours in the supermarket / mall choosing between items that serve the same purpose but you consent either way. Who are you to say no?

 To spoil everything, you walk into the supermarket then she walks into the subsection on hair products, nail polish, nail polish removers, perfumes etc and just like that, she lost you. God is so faithful he equipped men with some uncanny ability to zone out. Some God given region in our heads where we disappear to and go blank occasionally when we want to take a breather from our fellow partners.

On this day she shops and shops while you and your body accompany her probably you pushing the trolley but your mind is Long on a journey. Occasionally she asks which item should I pick? ” The green one or the blue one” silently you can’t help but ask yourself ” What difference does it make? They serve the same purpose. ” Anyway you pick one.

Then she requests you to kindly pick the blinders perhaps for your windows at home because you are the tall one. You very quickly pull out one, two and put then into the trolley. Then she goes ” Honey, these blinders don’t match with our curtains, this design doesn’t match with our walls, try the veils with flower patterns ” and you can’t help but wonder ” How was I supposed to know that?” My brothers will concur it is a mad world.  

Then she talks and talks and talks and because you have mastered the art, you respond by sighs to demonstrate you are following but to be honest you are not there up until she says ” You are not listening to me ” and quickly you defend yourself ” Of course I am ” She insists ( with a sharper voice ) ” You are not ” and you come back again ” I am ” until she asks ” What have I said ? ” and just like that game over. This shopping just turned into a nightmare. 

No wonder very few men love to accompany their women shopping. They would rather go watch wrestling and see people knock each other out.   Welcome to a man’s world. From Mitchell Odhiambo  Click link to read my colleague Beryl’s female perspective on this topic – 

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