LADIES & SHOPPING – A female perspective By Beryl Amatta

Have you ever heard of ‘Confessions of a shopaholic?’   Shopping can get so serious that some...

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Beryl AmattaHave you ever heard of ‘Confessions of a shopaholic?’


Shopping can get so serious that some women get into debt just to buy that dress, skirt, top or all three items. “Why do ladies keep
buying more and more clothes even when they can go an entire six months without wearing something twice?

Some men even have to give half of their wardrobe space to the lady because hers is at full capacity. This is the thing.  Whenever a lady walks past a clothes shop or stall, she will make a stopover with the aim of checking out the different
clothes and their prices. However, as soon as she steps into the shop, out goes window shopping and in comes actual shopping.  That is when she realizes how well a certain top can go with a certain skirt that she has at home.

Ladies love to look chic and trendy and because trends are always changing, they have to keep up which prompts more shopping.
This is why a lady can invest in an expensive dress and less than three months later, she watches the Oscars Red Carpet and w
ants to try on a new look for an upcoming dinner or evening event.

When you mention ladies and shopping, the thought of shoes (especially high heels) cannot cross your mind unnoticed. There
seems to be an imaginary magnet that pools ladies to heels. Moreover, it makes sense to always get the complete look when
shopping that is, getting a dress with shoes that match. As a result, there are as many shoes as clothes in the house.

With this, it is evident that shopping can start as a hobby and quickly develop into an addictive activity. To avoid this,
ladies could budget for their shopping expenditure so as to ensure that their shopping is within their means and also to give
out unworn clothes to charity. Not only will you help a needy person but it will also create wardrobe space!

This post in response to my colleague Mitch’s post on the male perspective on female shopping. Click link to read – 

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