HOW SHE FEELS WHEN HE DOESN’T CALL – A female perspective by Beryl Amatta

 Whenever two people are set to meet on a first date, there is great anxiety brought about...

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Beryl Amatta Whenever two people are set to meet on a first date, there is great anxiety brought about by    the uncertainty of the outcome. But what happens when he goes mute after the date? Why   doesn’t he call despite having asked  (sometimes even pleaded) for the number?

Whatever the reason for not wanting to call, we ladies do not understand it. Going completely  silent only serves to give her the impression that he is cold-hearted and rude. Despite that, the pain of being left hanging lingers in her head for hours on end. A myriad of questions begin to pop up in a bid to try to find a concrete explanation for his disappearance. “Was it something I did? Or something I said? Could it be my looks? My dressing?” she asks herself. The worst thing about this is that the answer can only come from the person who saw it fit to exit quietly. This hurts her.

Practicing the virtue of self-control comes in at this point. The lady opts to reason beyond her emotions and to swallow the bitter pill. This she does by opting not to retaliate but to reach out to a close relative or friend. With this she hopes to find someone she can talk to and who can cheer her up and help her solve this puzzle. For some it could be too embarrassing to talk about it preferring instead, to cry and move on.

But here’s the point; before deciding to ditch her number, men should remember that while they are attracted to what they see, ladies are attracted to what they hear. Therefore calling a girl after a date could be the first step to eventually winning her heart. Besides, it won’t break a bone to call to thank her for her time, will it? I don’t think so.

So men, the next time you go out on a date be sure to make that call after the date, DEAL? It will surely go a long way! Click link to read my ATB Colleague Mitch Odhiambo’s post titled: ‘WHY HE DOESN’T CALL – A male perspective’  

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