On Learning to Say No  Many leaders & entrepreneurs often admit to not being able to say No and end...

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On Learning to Say No 

Many leaders & entrepreneurs often admit to not being able to say No and end up taking on far more projects and/or responsibilities, than they can realistically handle. Sometimes they may be under pressure to accept projects or business partnerships when in actual fact, they would have been better off politely declining.

Not being able to say No is a weakness which can lead to long, excessive work hours, exhaustion, and sometimes even ill health. Leaders have to accept the reality that they cannot be everything to everyone. That they cannot be in two places, at the same time. Working on a project or goal is one thing, constantly putting work before family because you cannot say no, is another. Leaders have to accept that they may have to disappoint people sometimes.

Good leaders know that to take their organsations to the next level, they need to be able to focus on their business and anything else which diverts their focus or eats in to this time, is not good, in the long run. Can you imagine an athlete constantly running errands for family members at the expense of their training?

Good, disciplined leaders know that there are some projects that should not be undertaken – not because they are bad, but because you only have limited bandwidth and only 24 hours per day. Good leaders should also, every now and then, be brave enough to explain why they cannot undertake that request.

When it comes to negotiations, the ability to say no is often key. While some compromise is good, you know your worth and so if the other party is under valuing your products or services, then walk away from some negotiations but politely decline without burning your bridges. Sometimes knowing you are able to say No, is enough to earn you the respect of your peers and customers.

So, wise up and Just Say No!  Life is not about being popular; it’s about being fair, and that means to your family and loved ones too. To read more posts by Miriam, click HERE

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