Once upon a time, small monarch caterpillar had a dream of becoming a beautiful butterfly. He had previously heard that every caterpillar had...

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Once upon a time, small monarch caterpillar had a dream of becoming a beautiful butterfly. He had previously heard that every caterpillar had a chance of becoming a butterfly. In the morning, he explained his dream to Red Ant.

“I want to be a butterfly,” Monarch Caterpillar said.

“Why?” Red Ant asked.

“I want to make this garden more beautiful.  I want to help the plants by carrying their pollen to another plant. It will help them to make seeds and seeds will make plants.  I want to be a beautiful butterfly. I want to fly. I will add color to this garden and women will love to see me.”

Are you kidding? You are just a crawling animal. Crawling slowly is your destiny.  Be yourself! Don’t dream; wait  until the bird eats you,” Red Ant laughed at Monarch Caterpillar. Monarch Caterpillar was disappointed with Red Ant’s response and then he moved to the other leaf.

When he met Black Caterpillar, he told him about his dream to become a butterfly.

“Be yourself! To dream will disappoint you.  I do not have parents and no one told me that I could be a butterfly. Just enjoy crawling. Don’t try anything. Don’t try to fly. You are not a butterfly. The women are afraid of you, caterpillar. Too much effort will disappoint you. Just be yourself. Do not change anything.” This was Black Caterpillar’s advice to Monarch Caterpillar.

Monarch Caterpillar was too nice to debate Black Caterpillar. He chose to avoid confrontation.  He moved to the other leaf. He wanted to grow to become a butterfly but when he saw himself, he saw a caterpillar. His friends’ advice made him think that to be a butterfly was him not being himself.  He had a dream to help the plant, make the garden more beautiful, and attract the women. He wanted to improve himself but on the other hand, he wanted to be himself.

A green beautiful butterfly flew up to him.  Green Butterfly was curious to know why Monarch Caterpillar was sad.

”Why are you so sad?” Green Butterfly asked.

“I wanted to become a butterfly,” Monarch Caterpillar answered.

“Why do you want to be a butterfly?”

Monarch Caterpillar shared his reasons and the responses he had received from his friends about “being yourself”.

”Your friends are right but being a caterpillar is not enough. You should be yourself but do not kill your dream. Don’t reject the opportunity to grow.  To do nothing or be passive is not to be yourself. “Green Butterfly explained.

“So, can I be a beautiful butterfly?”

“I was a caterpillar but I am a butterfly now. You have the opportunity to become a butterfly. Keep crawling and find sufficient food. Find a safe place to make chrysalis to protect yourself and wait for the process. Believe that you can become a butterfly. Believe that you can fly. Be your best self.” Green Butterfly encouraged Monarch Caterpillar. Green Butterfly’s explanation brought hope to Monarch Caterpillar.

“Grow better! Be your best self!” Green Butterfly said, flying to the big tree. Day by day, Monarch Caterpillar were crawling and feeding.  He tried hard to save himself from predators. One day, when he was ready to transform, he made a protective shell and formed chrysalis. In chrysalis, he turned to become a handsome monarch butterfly.


What a beautiful story that is.We all have dreams, some are big, some are small, some look unachievable, some look hopeful. Just like the monarch caterpillar, we have people around us who are already living our dream (green butterfly). We should have such people as mentors unlike the ‘red ant’ and the ‘black caterpillar’ who might discourage us.

Protect yourself, protect your dream The monarch caterpillar had to protect himself from predators as he went about his daily life. As an individual, you know what is good or bad for you. Learn to protect yourself from harm and bad company. People who are out there to take advantage of you or ruin your dreams. Activities that waste your time and finances. You may be accused of being overprotective but it’s your life and you have got to protect every bit of it to get to your dream.

Believe in yourself, believe in achieving your dream-If you can’t believe in your dream no one will. If you cannot believe in being the best in the skill that you possess, then no-one will. If you cannot believe in being awarded as the best business, no-one will. It is up to you to not only have a dream, but actually believe in it. If you don’t then the smallest form of discouragement will definitely put you down. People will tell you that you need to be content with just who you are, but that is not enough.  It’s not enough to be yourself, be your BEST SELF!  Click HERE to read more posts by Mercy.

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