You Were Born Fully Equipped For Success By Mwangi Ndegwa

Many people are busy thinking about what they want to do with what they don't have" These words were once said to me by a good friend. The...

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Many people are busy thinking about what they want to do with what they don’t have” These words were once said to me by a good friend.

The reason why I have brought this issue up is borne out of my interactions (prior to the pandemic), with many people (mainly the youth), who were unemployed or in jobs they didn’t like. The interesting thing, is that most if not all of them were highly talented some even multi-talented.The issue of youth unemployment has become a thorn in the flesh of consecutive governments and indeed, a headache that has lacked a proper cure.

While I may not have an elixir (cure),  for this, I would like to throw in my two cents worth of wisdom.  If you had stopped any unemployed youth before the pandemic and asked them why they are not employed, the answer would either be there are no jobs or they don’t know senior people in companies or government offices who can canvass on their behalf. The sad thing here is that these young people are very talented so when you flip the coin and ask them why they are not using their talents, the response is often, I don’t have capital.

Herein lies the problem. If you look at most of the successful men and women in the world, they started with zero shillings or very minimal finances but they knew what they had in them, a dream and persistence. Today they are the movers and shakers of the world economy. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dormitory room in Harvard. Today, Facebook is among the top most visited social sites in the world today.

There’s no question, the pandemic means serious challenges for us all now and,in the near future and it is for this reason that my simple message to all the young people out there is this: To be successful in life, you don’t require millions to start. You just need self-belief, know who you are and what you are talented in, then have a proper laid out plan. Start with the parts of your plan that won’t require finances and by the time you are halfway, the financial part will have been figured out. Don’t wait for your wealthy uncle to help you, stop giving excuses for your predicament. Take charge of your life and let those who want to help you find you along the way as you trudge towards your dream. Click HERE to read more posts by Mwangi.

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