‘What makes a Girl’s interest level go from 100 to 0’ By Mercy Karumba

So of late, you have noted a lack of interest and enthusiasm from your 'potential girlfriend' - lots of questions going through your...

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So of late, you have noted a lack of interest and enthusiasm from your ‘potential girlfriend’ – lots of questions going through your mind as to what went wrong or where did you fail as a man? Has she gotten someone better? Maybe not! Well, while I don’t know your girl, and I may not know why, here are a few tips as to what may tick a woman off and tip the scale.

  1. It could be that you, my friend, are just too nagging and insecure? No woman loves a man who is all over her space. Attention yes, but insecurity is just beyond borders. The moment a man keeps demanding an explanation for everything:“who were you with on the call?“Why do you have that whatsapp status?“, it just simply gets too nagging. While a woman loves feeling wanted, there is a very thin line between ultimate attention and obsession, make sure you don’t appear to be the latter.
  2. Do you keep mentioning other women in your conversations? We all love to be the centre of the love and attention, don’t we? Men and women alike, are jealous beings and if you keep telling her how good so and so is, what a good time you had sometime back, then you can be sure, she will leave you in the long run. Indeed, the probability may be higher if the ‘other woman’ is your ex. Be open and trustworthy, let it be clear you have nothing to hide, the moment there are question marks of  “what ifs”,  that is where the downfall begins.
  3. Women love responsible men and if you appeared responsible and wooed her initially but now you have loosened your grip, it is time you got it back. The moment you seem to be a man who is not responsible or accountable for his time, finances and decisions, then you are definitely losing her interest as well. Do you keep seeking approval from your friends or family before making decisions? Do you come across as not focused in terms of the direction of your life? These are very crucial to a woman. Sharing the same values and principles is also such a critical matter.
  4. Are you always starting disagreements? The small arguments and disagreements may be what pushed her away. The moment a woman feels less respected, then this is a road to failure.

Simply put. Let her feel like the centre of your attention and worthy of your love and sacrifices and be sure to have the love reciprocated and the interest maintained to the maximum. Let us hope her interest is maintained at 90 if not 100. To get a Male perspective on ‘What makes a man’s interest level go from 100 to 0,  please click HERE to read my colleague Mitch’s views. 

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