On ‘ What Makes a man’s interest level go from 100 to 0 fastest’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

True to science as it is, light travels faster than sound and on seeing a beautiful woman, a man’s scale of interest could...

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True to science as it is, light travels faster than sound and on seeing a beautiful woman, a man’s scale of interest could tip in your favour so rapidly from zero to two hundred and ten and he will drive faster or hasten his steps until he catches up with you. Then, depending on how you handle it, you could ace yourself a solid companion or, you could earn yourself a zero rated performance.

Men are creatures of sight; visual in every sense. However; to spend eternity with someone requires character, a special appeal to the soul, not merely the eye. I guess that’s why people date prior to tying the knot. Huh?

As men mature, their interests differ and I think they become less tolerant e.g. if you play hard to get, an 18 – 24 year old may find the chase appealing, but I can promise you, a 30 year old does not have time for games like that. He is focused, he is ready to settle, he knows exactly what he wants and if you don’t play in kind, he will leave you there and move on to his next target.

Key to note, a universal dislike among men (regardless of their age band) is a woman who complains, is judgemental and is always making comparisons; men vehemently dislike this. If he tries to extrapolate the relationship, he can only see a marriage where his choices will always be judged on a scale and just like that, his heart logs off and there is no more connectivity to his heart.

To tell you the truth, sight will lead a man to your doorway but the proceeds of your lips and the embodiment of your character will determine whether he would like to knock, walk in or otherwise. In some cases, it is far better to dust off your shoes by the doorway and run for your life.

Men prefer upfront honesty and genuineness. Keep your phone in your handbag and enjoy the moment. Be upfront, don’t make reference to your ex, make promises you can keep and show respect to every human being. You get the gist.  Until we speak again, I am your host, Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective, on ‘What makes a Girl’s interest level go from 100 to 0‘ please click HERE to read my colleague Mercy’s views.

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