Among the Aztec people of Mexico, a story is told that a long time ago, there was a great fire in the forests...

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Among the Aztec people of Mexico, a story is told that a long time ago, there was a great fire in the forests that covered our Earth. People and animals started to run, trying to escape from the fire. An owl was running away also when he noticed a small bird hurrying back and forth between the nearest river and the fire. He headed towards this small bird.

He noticed that it the Quetzal bird, running towards the river, picking up small drops of water in his beak, then returning to the fire to throw that tiny bit of water on the flames. Owl approached the Quetzal bird and yelled at him: “What are you doing brother? Are you stupid? You are not going to achieve anything by doing this. What are you trying to do? You must run for your life!”

Quetzal bird stopped for a moment and looked at the owl, and then answered: “I am doing the best I can with what I have.”

It is remembered that a long time ago the forests that covered our Earth were saved from a great fire by a small Quetzal bird, an owl, and many other animals and people who got together to put out the fire.


The Quetzal bird had the option of running away for his life knowing that he wouldn’t achieve much trying to carry water using his beak. This is logically true, but sometimes logic is not always right. We may not be well-equipped for the task at hand, but giving up is not the option, what you have is what is important and it’s up to you to use it. It’s easy to give an excuse that what you have is not enough to be effective. But what matters is that you have something to offer.

Are you passionate about a business but you feel inadequate? Seek partnership and mentorship and you will achieve it in the end. Do you feel like the problem in your organization cannot be solved because you don’t have the authority? Seek your colleagues and work on it as a team. Use the skills you have to START, no one may support you at first and they may suggest you will not achieve anything but in the long run, they will join you and you will achieve that which you are passionate about.  The secret is, “DO THE BEST WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.”. To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE

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