Previously, with the launch of the old-time/new version of Nokia 3310, with the input all-time game Snake-Xenzia, I  just felt I should re-post...

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Previously, with the launch of the old-time/new version of Nokia 3310, with the input all-time game Snake-Xenzia, I  just felt I should re-post an article I wrote, a while back. I must confess, I totally loved this game when I was young. Playing it recently, brought a lot of nostalgia and most importantly, eye-opening lessons. These are some of the things that came to mind as I played the game in my mature, state of mind:

  • The more the snake eats, the longer it grows – In life, we have goals and dreams that we want to pursue that actually determine our personal growth: intellectually, socially and financially. This requires one to have direction, that is, know where we are heading to and stay focused. The more we feed ourselves with the right things, the more we grow in the right direction.
  • The more the snake eats, the higher the score, but there are larger bits that earn more points – As it is in real life, there are different sets of targets: from small to bigger targets that add more value to your life. One should not lose focus of the big opportunities which just like in the game, have a limited time span.
  • The more the snake grows, the higher the probability of the head knocking itself on the body of the snake and hence, losing the game. As the game began, it was quite easy to navigate through since the body is really short. In life, the more you grow, the more one has to be extra careful because the more vulnerable one becomes to failure. Without growth and without ambition, it is a safe space but the more you grow, so the dangers increase. This does not mean that we should stay within our comfort zone since the joy of the game is to gain a higher score.
  • The most common to all of us, each time we lose the game, the more we want to try, the more we want to out-do our previous score, this time with more wisdom and tactics. Actually we become more hooked to the game and we find it more fun and interesting.  The same case with us in life, we fail in our targets and goals. But sadly most of us give up trying and we feel like we cannot make it. But just like how we want to keep trying with the game, that is the same way we should take our failures as challenges and try again and again, this time wiser and with better tactics on how to navigate through.

Life is just like the SNAKE XENZIA, when we look at it from that angle. We grow through our achievements, we need to have direction and focus, we need to have the capacity to achieve both small and big targets and we need to keep trying again and again to achieve greater success. That is what makes life fun and worthwhile. To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE


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  1. Brian Kimeu       Reply

    WOW! That was inspiring and a nice read.

  2. Mercy Karumba       Reply

    Thank you Brian