WHO IS THE REAL ME? By Mercy Karumba

I was having a discussion with a friend on some of the questions one is asked during interviews. I told her the most common question...

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I was having a discussion with a friend on some of the questions one is asked during interviews. I told her the most common question is “tell us a little bit about yourself.” So she asked me, how I would answer that. For a moment I was perplexed because she is a friend who knows me so well. I realized that most of the time I have a script when it comes to describing Mercy.That is, there are different scripts for different people, but this then begs the questions: WHO EXACTLY IS MERCY KARUMBA? WHO IS THE REAL ME?

For most of us, there are  a few sides: who people think we are, who people expect us to be, who we want people to see us as, and the most important, Who we really are.

In an interview scenario our aim is always to bring out the best side of ourselves in order to stand out. Well this is expected and who wouldn’t do anything to get the best impression but let’s all agree, we don’t lie, but it’s not all 100% true. Now this is an example of the person we want people to see who we are.

When growing up, or even before we are born, our parents had big dreams and aspirations about the kind of children they wanted. As children, we all wanted to be doctors, pilots, lawyers etc.. Well, some of us have really achieved that or are still in school chasing childhood dreams. However, there are a good number of us who along the way, came to the realization that it was not our dream but our parents’ or teachers’ dreams being compelled to be manifested in us and yet deep within us, we wished to follow different paths. There are things that have been drilled in to us as true and all along, we have been faithful in following this belief without thinking critically. This is an example of who people expect us to be.

Then there is the person whom if the people around me are asked “Who is Mercy Karumba? “ Their definition now shows who people think I am  and this all relative since different people view us differently, depending on the attitude they have, towards us.

Then most importantly, who is the real me? Beyond the mask?

“Many people would be scared if they saw in the mirror, not their faces, but their character”

How true is this?

What is the level of disparity between the real you and the ‘other three people’?

I would like to refer to the song, “The Real Me” by Natalie Grant.

It talks about the same old game of plastic smile, self-inflicted circus clown, living a charade, always on parade.  How many of us live such painted lives? Not able to bring out the real us?

It’s a hard task, but this week, find the real you that you can confidently describe without feeling like you are not being honest.    Best wishes from Mercy Karumba. To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE

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