MALE & FEMALE PERSPECTIVE ON ‘A woman’s memory vs a man’s memory’ By Mitchell Odhiambo & Mercy Karumba

A MALE PERSPECTIVE ON  ‘A woman’s memory vs a man’s memory’ By Mitchell Odhiambo Women attach emotion to everything they do and are therefore...

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A MALE PERSPECTIVE ON  ‘A woman’s memory vs a man’s memory’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

Women attach emotion to everything they do and are therefore able to have every little tiny detail etched in their memories for a very long time, unlike men who view things in abstract form. Blue is blue and Pink is pink; no need to add layers of spectrum to the basic colour codes. Once you move into burgundy, jungle green, cardinal etc. you will lose eight out of ten men. No wonder women are able to remember people’s dresses, hair, perfume, earrings and other things that really make you wonder “What is it you were doing when you were looking at this person?” How come I never noticed that.

I will tell you the truth. Men barely even remember the clothes they wore the previous day, unless they were new clothes. No wonder some men rely on their sense of smell to gauge whether a T-shirt is clean or not. Men just cannot remember whether they wore it or not.

Sometimes my wife asks me questions “Do you remember that day when I wore this or that dress?” and my head just spins. How in the heavens am I supposed to recall that? Give me more. What did we do on that day? Where did we go? Give me crumbs that at least that I can refer to otherwise I cannot connect at all.

I understand the connection in women’s brains is so strong, they will smell something and recall a journey they took, smell a perfume and it reminds them of a place they loved/hated. Men just remember in absolute forms and this, my friends, is how we get along in the jungle of life. We even forget stories we have told and if you don’t tell us, we will tell you the same story again and again. And sometimes even when you do tell us you have heard the story before, we will still tell it to you because the story is in our mouths and it needs to come out. That is how we roll

Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s new world. For a female perspective on this, be sure to check out Mercy’s post below.


Ladies, I I am sure most of us remember when we met that special person – the date, the venue, what you were wearing, what he was wearing or even the smell of his cologne. Brings back memories right ladies?

On the flipside, does he even remember the date, let alone all the other details? That’s just how different a woman’s memory and a man’s memory is. Where details are critical for a woman; men are more interested in the facts and events. So yes, that date was very important to him, but not the rest of the “side-shows”.

Although a woman’s memory will deteriorate over time, either due to life experiences, child-bearing etc. studies indicate that middle-age women have better memories than their male conterparts men. Is it because women become emotionally attached to situations and experiences than men? I am not so sure.

So next time he cannot remember the tiny details, don’t think he doesn’t care; simply take it as the battle of the ‘sexes’ and remind him about exactly what he needs to remember. On that note, how many men remember their children’s birthdate? Should I go ahead and ask the exact time? I better not! This explains why women feel flattered when a man remembers the tiny details of an experience they had together or an important event to her.

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