Your Friend’s Success Does Not Mean Your Failure. Stop Wasting Energy Blocking Them. There is plenty out there, for all of us. 

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Your Friend’s Success Does Not Mean Your Failure. Stop Wasting Energy Blocking Them. There is plenty out there, for all of us. 

One of the things I have never understood about us humans, is this misguided belief in thinking that someone’s else’s success will result in us being somewhat worse off? Where on earth has this mindset come from? What triggers this? Why does someone else’s success resonate so badly? Whether you score an A in your exams or secure $1 million for your start-up, how or why would this affect me in a negative way? Should I not instead, be happy for you?

Whist at school and university, I always made it my business to hang around A grade students and upon graduation, family, friends and successful, hardworking people. For the people we hang out with, are our biggest influencers and often determine our future. Lazy people – I have no time for and they know this because of my reactions – I really don’t have time for lazy people. be lazy by all means, but keep well away from me instead of expecting me to work 15x as hard, in order to keep both of us above water.

This is the great thing about growing older – you realise how precious time is and you do not apologise for valuing your time. I have family commitments I still need to fulfil, I have bills to pay, I have projects and tasks I need to complete, but for some reason, lazy people expect us to carry them at the expense of our own lives. Why? How? 

Then there are the those who simply talk but never do. They will spend days, weeks and months on end, discussing their “brilliant” ideas and that’s it. So why not use this energy to put your ideas to the market? Give people a prototype (no matter how basic) of your business idea. Even if they criticise it, at least you know how NOT to do things next time. But simply speaking about things won’t make anything a reality or indeed, pay the bills! 

Then on the opposite spectrum, you have the hard workers (who do what they say they will do) and always find time to help others try and achieve their dreams. I will always be grateful to the many people who have pushed, encouraged and listened to my many crazy ideas.People who have given me their honest opinions (including criticisms – for which I have been grateful for their honesty), or advised me on how I can improve my business or ideas.

Meanwhile, Mr/Mrs Lazy and Mr/Mrs Talk,Talk, Talk never lift their finger to help anyone but expect others to be at their beck and call. Mr/Mrs Lazy and Mr/Mrs Talk, Talk, Talk often behave as if your success will be a disaster to them not realising that a rising tide will lift all boats meaning, your friend’s success and the success of others, will also affect them but in a positive way. 

So, stop blocking your friends. Encourage your brothers and sisters to live their dream. Help them & listen to them; for when they are successful, and the tide is rising, your boat too will benefit from this rising tide! To read more posts by Miriam, click HERE

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