So, I was queuing at a supermarket check out with a friend the other day when out of no where, a man tapped...

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So, I was queuing at a supermarket check out with a friend the other day when out of no where, a man tapped my friend’s shoulder and in an angry voice, asked her why she had jumped the queue. Naturally, my friend was horrified and explained to him that she had not seen him. Upon hearing this remark, the man became angry and started to raise his voice. To my surprise and admiration, my friend continued to speak to him in a gentle manner and I simply pretended not to pay attention as I could see, attention is exactly what this man was seeking. My friend then simply moved to another queue and we continued chatting while the man (notice I do not refer to him as gentleman on purpose), proceeded to unpack his shopping, huffing and puffing, full of anger.

My friend and I only had a few items and so I could see another check out was free but the lady was about to close it. I made eye contact with her and smiled. She immediately beckoned my friend and I to go to her checkout and we were finished in less than one minute. The childish side in me was tempted to smile at the angry man (who was still unpacking his items and no where near ready), but I decided to be dignified and mature. He looked up and was shocked to see my friend and I were now ahead of him and about to leave the store. He was embarrassed and didn’t know where to look. I was so proud of my friend and this incident has stayed with me. She had every right to be angry but had refused to play his game or indeed, allow his poison to contaminate her.

As we later sat chatting over coffee, we were happy and laughing about many things and were discussing our future ambitions and dreams. I arrived home full of joy and happiness – even hitting the gym later since I was so full of energy. Meanwhile, Mr Angry had probably spent the afternoon looking for another victim to spill his life frustrations on.

MORAL OF THE STORY – Often people come to us with their frustrations. Life has perhaps dealt them a blow that day and since they blame everyone but themselves, they need to find someone who will allow them to throw their anger at. This then confirms to them that it is not their fault that X happened or that happened. This convinces them that everyone else is to blame for their miserable life. Do not fall for this nonsense. Leave them in their sad, pathetic world, let them vent their anger on social media or whatever platform they choose, but not at you. Life is too short. Had we been angry like Mr Angry Checkout man above, then that checkout girl would not have beckoned us over to her counter and we would have ended up standing behind the miserable man. There are plenty of good people out there – focus on them and not the angry, time wasters. Wishing you all, a good week ahead. From Miriam. To read more posts by Miriam, click HERE

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