Never stop watering that tree By Mercy Karumba & Mitchell Odhiambo

HER PERSPECTIVE - Many a time, we give up on our dreams, or worse still, keep blaming someone for our misfortunes and/or lack of progress. We stop...

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HER PERSPECTIVE – Many a time, we give up on our dreams, or worse still, keep blaming someone for our misfortunes and/or lack of progress. We stop building our dreams, we stop working on ourselves all along blaming nature or circumstances.  I have seen people keep blaming their parents for the rest of their lives, and they place that responsibility/burden on them. Why exactly haven’t you completed your studies, like you once wished? Whom should we really place that blame on? Why exactly haven’t you gone to do that course you desire, is it really lack of finances, or reduced enthusiasm?

As an adult, it is critical to take charge of your life, to make yourself better as a person, after all, you are the one to enjoy the fruits later on.

A story is told about a middle-aged man who was walking down the streets on a wet, windy evening near his suburban home. He was going through something of a mid-life crisis and was feeling a bit dejected about his lack of accomplishments. Every now and then, over the past few years, he had heard news about people he went to school with. Some had gone on to have fascinating careers, some were world-renowned authorities in their field, some had made their fortunes, others had amazing family relationships and they all seemed to be doing better than him, leaving him feeling down and alone.  “I wish I could be great.” he mutter to himself as he trudged along.

“Then be great!” said a quiet Voice.

“No, I wish I could be great.” the man repeated.

“Then be great!” responded the Voice with increased authority.

You don’t understand,” said the man.  “I want to be a great dad like Phil.”

“Then do what great dads do and be great!” said the Voice.

“You just don’t get it, I want to be a great businessman like Harry.”

“Then go and do what great business leaders do and be great!”  said the Voice.

“What are you talking about?  I just want to make a great difference like Jim does.”

Then do what great people do and make a difference in the world.”

The man slowed down and then stopped walking.

He looked up and sheepishly asked, “Who are you anyway?”

“I’m the One who made you for greatness, not ordinariness.”

“So, what do I do now?” the man enquired.

“Go! Do! Be!  Stop wishing for greatness and just be great.  Set a standard for every aspect of your life and make the most of the rest of your life.  The past is unimportant, it’s what you do from now on that matters.”  replied the Voice.

The man pondered these words as he walked home. As his key went into the lock of his front door, he made a decision. Then he went inside, into the arms of his family and nothing was ever the same again.

It’s time to stop saying, how much we wish, this or that was different. It’s time to stop blaming your spouse or kids for your lack of progress! It’s time to actually WATER THAT TREE OF GREATNESS IN US,  AND BE GREAT!  Here’s the female perspective by Mercy Karumba, what’s your say?

Never stop watering that tree By Mitchell Odhiambo – It is commonly asserted that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and it would be of great help to you if that step and the series thereafter, are steps in the right direction. Once you have identified that path, do not grow weary in pursuing it, because in due course, you shall reap a good reward.  The change will come for sure and when it does, you will feel as though it were sudden. No wonder it is said, there are decades when (you feel like) nothing happens and there are days when (you feel like) decades happen. That’s amazing.

It is so, since change does not follow a linear pattern but the little elements coalesce upon each other and build thereon until a critical mass is met then suddenly an avalanche of change ensues. When the threshold is met, the universe conspires to grant you the desires of your heart. Therefore continue investing in yourself

Set yourself a routine that yields good fruit, read books, listen to podcasts, subscribe to channels that give you growth, have yourself a mentor and an accountability partner. Let the people around you in on your goals; those whose character you trust and have them keep you accountable.

Continue therein. In the morning sow thy works, in the evening, withhold not thine hands for you do not which effort shall prosper whether this or that or even both alike. Therefore plough without looking unto the wind or observing unto the clouds and when the clouds are full of rain, they will pour. You shall therefore enjoy your harvest. For you shall be like a tree planted by the streams of living waters, producing fruit in season. Prioritize investing in one self. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo.

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