Slay Queen, Wake Up From Your Stupor! By Danstan Wasobokha

Your mum is starving to keep you in school. Your younger siblings eat twice a day. Your father works for his son's mate....

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Your mum is starving to keep you in school. Your younger siblings eat twice a day. Your father works for his son’s mate. They suffer and bleed in their hearts. But they comfort themselves with the hope that you will achieve in school and change the condition of things.

Your father believes that one day, he will no longer be someone’s driver because you will get him a driver. Your mother believes that one day you will make her wear one wrapper only once because you will buy her plenty. Your siblings are hoping to boast to friends about you one day. But unbeknown to them, you’re in school slaying!!

You lie about the price of textbooks to them and use the surplus money to buy clothes and makeup. You jump from one party to another uninvited. You take snaps of yourself in undies and post for us to “Like”. You’re slaying! Different boys drop and pick you up with their cars. You’re a slay queen! You miss lectures. You sleep with lecturers and course reps so you can pass.  You speak out everywhere about how you’re slaying!

Hunger is killing you in your hostel yet you call yourself a queen. You boast about your family but avoid speaking with your dad on the phone. You never invite your siblings to your hostel because the look of hunger on their faces will tell the world where you come from. You borrow clothes and get insulted. You don’t care because the world thinks they are yours.This is just the least I can say.

You know all you’re doing. That is not good. Stop it. Don’t disappoint your parents. Prepare to change their lives for good. Wipe away their tears. Don’t let their suffering be in vain. Make them proud. Leave those boys alone, you won’t die if you don’t have a boyfriend for show. Let those girls that have sugar daddies laugh at you. Your parents are more important. Work to be someone who needs no introduction anywhere, and I bet you, one day…  Just one day, all the slay Queens will come to your company and submit employment letters. Meanwhile, wake up from your stupor before it is too late for you! To read more posts by Danstan, click HERE

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