Change, often though uncomfortable, is one thing we can never run away from. It is both good and important because it signifies growth. Some people find themselves...

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Change, often though uncomfortable, is one thing we can never run away from. It is both good and important because it signifies growth. Some people find themselves losing so many opportunities because they are not willing to change with the times.

James is a fifty year old retiree, having worked from his late teens for various government ministries. You may wonder how he became a retiree yet before the mandatory age of sixty years. It;s important to note that his retirement was not voluntary either.

James belonged to the old school of thought and believed that if something worked yesterday, then it should also work today. He was averse to change and resisted anything & anyone that tried to bring change. James didn’t want anyone to upset that status quo. He believed in the tried and tested methods of doing things.

With the advent of new technologies, so much had changed and those who were not ready to go with the changing times, risked being swept aside.  James was a sound engineer with a leading broadcasting company in his country. He had trained in the original analogue systems and this had worked well until more reliable and convenient digital systems checked in. As is often the norm with human beings, we become comfortable doing what we are used to and James was no exception to this rule. He and his fellow old school workmates tried to fight and block the implementation of the new systems. They succeeded for a while but soon, the board of directors realized the couldn’t stop an idea whose time had come, so they embraced the new technology. They even offered to pay training fees for anybody who was willing to learn about the new technology. The younger generations took up the offer but the likes of James were not ready for it.

When these young turks returned from training, they took over all the lauded positions within the organisation thus rendering the untrained older folks jobless. The organisation therefore had no choice but to consider them redundant. They were  given a severance pay and relieved of their duties. That’s how James found himself a retiree before the age of sixty years.

The world today is changing at a very rapid pace and those not keen to keep up,  often find themselves  rendered irrelevant. There are new technologies and ways of doing things so we need to keep our eyes wide open and our ears to the ground. We need to know when to hold on to something or when to let it go. Its important to note though, that not every change is good or to our benefit and so we need to ask ourselves the all important question: Is this thing really necessary in my life? What benefits will I get from it and am I ready to deal and live with the consequences. If the pros far outweigh the cons, then go for it. If it’s the other way  round, then avoid it. If they balance, then you need to reconsider some facts. NB: Institute change before it forces itself on you. Sometimes it’s important to break it down even if it’s working so you can adapt it to the changing times. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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