When driving or walking along the road, we see signs on vehicles such as,"Learner(L), Keep Distance. What do we do? We often...

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When driving or walking along the road, we see signs on vehicles such as,”Learner(L), Keep Distance. What do we do? We often keep our distance or cross the street more carefully, as we try and understand what that driver in the car is going through. As a matter of fact, some of us can be very patient if the driver is quite slow and we are not in a position to overtake. In addition, even if the driver suddenly swerves or makes a mistake, then we understand that this is because he/she is still learning and  many of us have been there at one time.

Now look at a situation where the same ‘student driver’ was driving a car without the Learner sign. How would you behave? Are you the same patient person? Sometimes you may find yourself hooting as hard or, if walking, shaking your head as to how a terrible driver he/she is. Well,in real life, do any of us walk with a sign about what we are going through or our past experiences?

Do we take the time to understand what a bad night a person may have had which may explain why they are so grumpy this morning? Do you understand there is no sign they are walking with?  When we make judgement(s) about people who we do not know personally, let us take time to remember that there is no sign to show the beautiful personality inside of them. That moment when we sit and discuss a person without knowing their story, let us remember that no-one walks with a sign and neither do we.

Just like the ‘Student driver’ we all have stories, we all have days that are low, but unlike the learner in the car, we do not walk with signs indicating the situation. Therefore, just like the learner who appreciates when other drivers understand their situation,we should equally treat one other with as much kindness and patience as possible. Best wishes as we try to understand people more beyond what we see. To read more posts by Mercy click HERE

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