Yesterday I received my 317th rejection letter. The day before, I was short-changed by a friend in what was to be my biggest...

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Yesterday I received my 317th rejection letter. The day before, I was short-changed by a friend in what was to be my biggest deal in six months. During the weekend, just after finally repairing our greenhouse, a strong wind swept it away. It brought down all posts leaving one middle post facing me in mockery. When I met my business associate to get solace, she disclosed to me that she closed down our coffee shop a week ago but she didn’t know how to break the news to me. Relax, I won’t tell you more failure. I was just telling you how my two weeks have been since we last met.

Everyday, they ask how are you doing, we respond with so much liveliness and excitement, I am fantastic, I am blessed, unbelievable, highly favored and a lot more overwhelming responses which sometimes make people believe you are problemless and that everything is going perfectly for you. They see you in fancy wears and sometimes in a car and they wish they were in your shoes. They know not the wounds you habor under your clothes.

We don’t expose every aspect of our lives to the public except the good part, the strong part, the desirous part, the part that makes you look like an idol, a role model, the only star in the dark and sometimes the lucky one. 

The truth is some of us have not slept for years, yes years, ever since we joined this course to influence the world and achieve something greater, we have been haunted by our dreams, some call it obsession, what ever it is, we don’t sleep like normal people. Sometimes it feels like carrying the weight of the world but we understand the path we follow is not for the ordinary. So we are not fine…

They ask how are things going and we respond; solid, amazing, great, fantastic … But the truth is, we have never been great, we are always on the look for solutions. We reflect the good, better, best poem where it says  “may I never rest, until my good is better”. We don’t rest. Sometimes we don’t even know what that word means. We are always in a problem. We don’t know the meaning of weekends or holidays, those are strange languages to us so far as the dream is concerned. Always spinning your brain and draining energy from all directions. We sacrifice a lot of relationships and relational time just to ensure we are focused and connected to the right energy source….we are not fine!

We can’t permit spiritual sluggishness because the risk we sometimes take, only The Creator can hold us down. It is not like we have metallic hearts, we feel the pump, rush and fear that everyone else feels to but our unquenchable desire to make great impact in the lives of the people we care about, gives us a reason to take the leap when we are still uncertain about the dept of the valley.

Don’t even talk about financial losses; these become regular and normal. It is now abnormal to not lose money. We now understand why the foundable law of nature says “one must go for one to come”. We have developed the eyes to see money as just a tool to reach a goal, unlike many who die, kill and waste their time on money, we sacrifice the money to get the time, knowledge, skills, human resources and sometimes zero, yes zero lol..you can call it lesson…

The family backlash is one of the greatest challenges the upcoming entrepreneur would have to deal with. It’s normal for your parent to discourage you when you are trying to do the impossible; something no one ever did. And when it takes you so long in time, effort and finances they get alarmed by how you are likely to waste your life chasing something unrealistic. It is quite a heavy burden when the people supposed to fight with you are often the ones against you…. We are not fine!

Sometimes you wonder if you are going crazy, is this really meant for you. Come on, I have been doing this for 5 years now still nothing. What happens after 20yrs and things still don’t work out? How do I settle and cater for the family?. This is how life challenges you and this is the perfect opportunity for you to encounter the demon in your head. You begin to panic and lose your entrepreneurial senses. You begin to think like a normal person and shiver….we are just not fine!

We are always confused and indecisive, a lot of articles online give the impression that entrepreneurs are smart and decisive. Its all deception, most entrepreneurs didn’t even know the business to Start with. We always have to battle our indecisiveness and act like we know what we want when in actual fact, we are testing to see which one our ‘vim” would wrap around and we give it our all and HOPE for the best…..we are still not fine!

Everyday we anticipate a new failure, a new fall, a new bad news, a new it didn’t go well. Then we give ourselves another chance to try. People would adore us and wish to be like us when they see a successful performance after 10,000 stressful repetitions…. We are not fine!

We pretend to play the universal soldiers; we are fearless, painless, tireless and emotion-less. But the truth is we are just ordinary stubborn people who believe The Creator will reward us if we keep pushing. We don’t stop until we get there. In simple terms,  we are not fine, we are on a mission to change the world.

Position it well, build it wide, deep and solid. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we Learn! To read more posts by Danstan, click HERE

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