Life and experience have their way of being the best teacher. As we age, we learn, transform and grow, and in the end, we look back and...

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Life and experience have their way of being the best teacher. As we age, we learn, transform and grow, and in the end, we look back and see and hopefully learn, from our mistakes. We wish we knew better than we know now.

Some of the circumstances and experiences we went through years back, have shaped our ideals and character. Some of the tough times have defined us more than we should have let them. How much better would you be if you were wiser in your younger years? Some of the things I wish I’d told my younger self include:

Judge less and love more – Many times, I have been guilty of judging others by their actions and judging myself with my intentions. But I am now learning to be more of an encourager and less of a critic.

Uphold your truth and exercise integrity – Sometimes we spend so much time and effort trying to justify who we are and our actions. What we forget is that the people worth spending time with, are those with whom we are confident enough, to be ourselves. I have learnt that no matter how popular an idea or an action is, I should behave in ways that are in harmony with my morals and values.

Each day is a chance to use your time and resources – I have come to learn that I am richly endowed with so much talent and abilities that have a big impact on the world and those around me. I can write, I can encourage, I am very creative in gifting, I can sing – if I start counting, the list is too long. But so many times we grumble expressing how broke we are. I can now see how rich I am and how much I have to offer.

Express your love without reservation – Over the years, I have lost a good number of people through different circumstances. And one very crucial lesson I have learnt is this; Tomorrow may not be there to say, ”I love you” .Today is the day to love and appreciate those that matter

Make new choices as needed and don’t let old ones make you – I have made big mistakes that sometimes pull me back and get me trapped in guilt. I wish I learnt to move forward and not get held back by my past but instead, build my future by what I do today. Getting over the past is the biggest gift we could give ourselves knowing that we are not prisoners of our past.

If I could just make it brief for my younger self to get it,” Don’t stress over things you cannot change; speak your truth lovingly; work diligently; and no matter how tough and lonely the terrain gets; keep going.”

What would you say to your younger self? To get a male perspective on this, check out Mitchell’s post HERE

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