On ‘FACE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT’ By Mercy Karumba

The phrase, "fake it till you make it" has been emphasized for so long in our modern day, such that it's now a mantra for so many...

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The phrase, “fake it till you make it” has been emphasized for so long in our modern day, such that it’s now a mantra for so many people’s lives. However, recently I learned a different one, “Face it, till you make it!” It’s interesting that even autocorrect seems to correct it to “fake it till you make it” (lol)

How many times do we get to our wits end, be it in business, in our school-work, at the work-place, family life, relationship, etc and we feel like we can’t do this, well not unless we change who we are? With that, we shift all our efforts in to faking it until we get to that ideal situation, instead of working hard to be where we should be. Instead of working on our relationship, we want to flaunt pictures on social media to prove to everyone that its working on fine yet, we know deep inside that things are falling apart.

We want to prove how financially stable we are, by living a lavish lifestyle in debt, instead of living within our means for the sake of the future. We want to seem so well put together and happy, yet we are so broken and hurt. Sadly, we fake it around too much that we end up so empty and depressed in the name of making it.

What does “Making” it mean? Where would we like to be? How about we face it and work on it instead of faking it till we make it?

How does that ideal family and relationship look like? It’s all about being genuine, consistent and intentional in making it work. That business and career just need the time, effort and discipline to be where it should be. That lifestyle we all wish to achieve is possible with time; it just needs persistent and hard-work.

Sometimes we just need to admit our weaknesses, admit our hurt, admit that we need help and admit that we are not there yet. But most importantly, we need to remind ourselves that we can make it, if only we face it with the courage it deserves. Will you? To get a male perspective on this, check out Mitchell’s post HERE

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