Why is it so difficult to choose between A and B? Is it because we are afraid of the consequences or are we...

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Why is it so difficult to choose between A and B? Is it because we are afraid of the consequences or are we women simply too risk averse? Some things are not accompanied by risk yet we still face dilemmas when trying to make a decision for example on what to eat or drink while on a date.

I must confess, some of us would rather let the man decide for ‘us’. Yes,we have our preferences, but the fear of making an unpleasant choice is a big hindrance. Extrapolating this into life, a woman can be said to be the most indecisive being, is this why the notion that “she says yes when she means no” exists?

Men are rational beings, where as women are emotional beings.This may explain why so many choices and decisions we make, are often based on emotion. This explains why a woman will make this choice today and make a different one tomorrow or even find it very difficult to make a choice between the same things.We basically overthink and over-analyse, always considering the other person’s feelings and how they will take it. A lady will decide to get married to a man because she believes that is the choice the family and that society would expect this of her. She may opt to have kids because it is expected of her as a woman, not because it is her choice.

While some things may just appear as common sense to a man, the same cannot always be said of the woman and such decisions may actually be a big deal for her. So many factors come into play, unlike the man who looks at the most rational decision. Most times a woman truly knows what she wants but deeper thought into the matter is enough to make her feel confused. It is just not about what she wants or how she feels about it. She is thinking of you as her man, family and all those around her. She is considering the finances, the emotional stability, the surrounding and so forth.That confusion moment when it is all so difficult to make a choice, there is usually a war within her -the will, the mind, the conscience,  the emotions and definitely the Heart. She is being pulled in all directions.

Sometimes a woman will expect you to read what she means in her eyes and woe betide you if you read it wrong. Cheers to the man who has studied his woman enough and does not see her as indecisive and actually takes the mantle to help her make the simple decisions and even the complicated ones. This takes a real man! On the other hand, we ladies need to work on this and try and be more decisive. To get a male perspective on this, check out what my colleague, Mitchell’s post HERE

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