Were you born human or did you grow into it? It’s rather obvious you were born human; I mean what else could the...

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Were you born human or did you grow into it? It’s rather obvious you were born human; I mean what else could the response to that question be? Let me try this again: Does a Woman’s dress code make an impact? Yes. Make that an emphatic and resounding “YES”. I hope you noticed I put that in uppercase as that is the degree to which it matters.

Men are extremely visual creatures and with what they see; they pass judgement. 15 seconds are enough for him to scan you head to toe and to determine whether you are worth engaging with for the long run, short run or whether you deserve to be avoided like the plague. Interests definitely differ from one man to the next, but this is common; he will address you with the level of touch and finesse with which you are dressed.

If you would like to keep it formal, dress as so and keep a candid stature, rarely will you digress to a grey area. However; if you are dressed provocatively or without respect for yourself, you will waste your energy demanding respect. Dressing appropriately is part of being a lady; if you have to remind people you are, then you are not.

As far as this issue goes; more is more. It’s almost a paradox, the more you got your skin covered, the more you will have responsible men attracted to you trying to discover more of what this woman is made of. The contrary is applicable too; The less you cover, the more repulsive you are to a particular kind of man. Do not be deceived though, there is a crowd you will attract. As it is commonly said; Where there is meat, the vultures will gather.

Understand your man’s interests and dress as he likes. If he is into trucks, get yourself a leather jacket, he will die out of confusion I tell you. If conservative, cover your skin; if he’s got some feet fetish, get the right skirt, just so he can see a little bit of it but leave him hungry for more. You get the gyst. Do it more for yourself though because your outfit speaks enough to the environment around you on how to respond, approach and handle you.

Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get the female perspective on this, please read my colleague Mercy’s post HERE

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