Have you heard of the quote, “Clothes make the man perceive the world differently?" We have been conditioned to...

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Have you heard of the quote, “Clothes make the man perceive the world differently?”

We have been conditioned to believe that you dress to impress, that it is more  about the other person than it is, about you. But is this really true?  Surely how you dress has much impact on yourself too and how you perceive things? Ever wondered why a formally dressed man feels so sturdy and thinks so holistically? According to psychology, a man in a suit has an abstract processing, while a casually dressed man has a concrete processing.

So what are some of the unwritten rules when it comes to dress code?

Men wearing dirty clothes is a no-no. You think wearing that shirt one more time before doing laundry is okay and that no one will notice? Trust me it shows. Nothing looks more neat and well put together than a man wearing clean, well-ironed clothes with no wrinkles. It makes you appear so organised, and she will take you as this smart man, who takes good care of himself and as we said, I am sure it makes you feel even ironed out in mind as the man.

While the rules of dressing and the fitting seem mostly directed to women, for men, wearing clothes that are too tight or baggy trousers, shirt or coat just doesn’t bring out a good impression of you. Somehow, it shows a lack of confidence in your body and frame.

Wherever you are going or doing, kindly consider the dress-code for the occasion. I guess you will agree with me; nothing is as annoying as a well-polished woman walking hand in hand with a man not dressed for the occasion. Things just look and feel very out of place.

The more mature a woman is, the more she is particular about how her man dresses. And well, she may significantly influence her man’s way of dressing. It’s pretty wise to let her in on that, be sure she’s bound to make you that better-dressed man.

So does a man’s dress code make an impact? Yes, it does! Remember, how you dress defines your perception of the world and your thinking like a man, and as a man thinketh, so he is.  To get a male perspective on ‘Does a Woman’s Dress Code Make an Impact?”, please read my colleague Mitch’s post HERE

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