‘SEAL THE LEAKS’ By Mwangi Ndegwa

Water is life and no living thing, animals or plants can survive without it. It comes from many sources be it rain, rivers, wells, boreholes...

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Water is life and no living thing, animals or plants can survive without it. It comes from many sources be it rain, rivers, wells, boreholes name it. There are places where getting this precious commodity is a challenge so every drop is very important. The main challenge is conveyance; getting that water from the source to where it is needed.

In Africa, this problem is real and due to poor handling, most of it is wasted from leaks and/or broken pipes. There are other effective methods of delivery but they are expensive to the common citizen. The challenge does not end here because, once water delivered to the consumer, storage is the next hurdle. Its either that storage is too small, leaking or unhygienic.

If the medium of storage whether metallic, plastic, concrete or ceramic is leaking, the probability of that water not serving its purpose is guaranteed. It is therefore important to seal any leakage once spotted before it drains out all the water. It is here that we derive our lesson from. 

The human mind is the basic and main storage of information, character, habits and behaviours. Many, if not all of us had morals instilled in us right from childhood however, once we leave our parents’ homes, things often begin to change. We become exposed to many things out there mostly from various forms of  media. At this point, our protective shield gets punctured and slowly, good morals start to leak out and because nature abhors a vacuum, it is often replaced by something else, most of which is often bad. If our grounding is not strong enough, we soon become distracted and before long, we have deviated from the straight and narrow. Our habits and character start to change. We take on the character that the world is selling us without taking time to interrogate it. It is rather sad today that the young between the ages of 15 – 30 yrs, are often a shell and a pale shadow of their former selves. Many often failed to notice and seal the “leaks” and with time, all the good drained out and has been replaced by dangerous programs which are destroying them at an alarming rate.

We too at every stage of our lives, need to keep checking for any leaks be it in our work ethics, personal character, school or even within society. These leaks need to be sealed immediately before it’s too late.  My challenge to all of us: Do you have any leaks? To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE


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