“Looking up at the clear blue sky above, the bird could...

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“Looking up at the clear blue sky above, the bird could see a world of freedom. Snow white wings spread open, the young bird got ready to fly. But with a sudden pang of unhappiness, staring down at the shackles that bound it to the ground, the bird realized that it was deprived of the happiness it so longed for. Freedom for it would perhaps forever be just a mere dream, an ever eluding concept in the bird’s life.” – M. Gayathri


The one thing in this world that no amount of money can buy is happiness and freedom. What we do in life, is often for the sake of achieving the ultimate goal which just so happens to be happiness. But what is happiness? Everybody has a different version of happiness.

For some it is in music, for others, it is in the quiet of their thoughts and others, it is in re-reading their favourite thriller novel for the umpteenth time. Some find happiness in paintings and in the silent words of art; from glimpsing into the past, through works of art by the greats such as DiCaprio. But in reality, true happiness is when we are able to overcome all of our fears; when we challenge our limits and end up doing things we never thought possible; perhaps sky diving, or maybe something not so dramatic. Maybe your biggest fear is getting hurt and you therefore close yourself off, from the entire world. True happiness would be found in overcoming this fear and opening up. This means risking everything, because an even greater tragedy would be to risk nothing.


Many battles have been fought, and even more continue to be fought. But the greatest and never ending battle is one we fight within ourselves. We have heard the line that our greatest enemy is ourselves and this just so happens to be true. Keenly examine the regrets in your life, and you may realise that you probably had or have the chance to change things. It could be a job opportunity that you missed out on because you were too scared to apply thereby disqualifying yourself out of fear before even giving yourself the chance to participate! So for today, dare to risk it all, for the chance to overcome your fear and find true joy and happiness. To read more posts by Anne, click HERE

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