When you think of a road, you realize that the most common streets are the most populated and prone to having traffic jams during peak hours.This means...

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When you think of a road, you realize that the most common streets are the most populated and prone to having traffic jams during peak hours.This means that those who opt to take those routes most, often get to their destinations a late.

However, someone who opts to take a different route, which may at times be longer or shorter depending on the situation, may get to their destination more seamlessly. However, this road may not be the best in terms of structure that’s why they are less populated and this means its a greater challenge. Now this makes us ask,which road are you taking?

Is it the one which everyone is taking or are you taking the road less travelled?

Are you just following common trends in your consumption patterns, or do you choose to make your own decisions?

Are you following your career because you believe it is the best thing for you or is it because it’s the “In Thing”?

Are you following the same path everyone else is following in your relationship?

Following a unique path may be scary and lonely, but it is fulfilling with adventure and unique experience. Everyone wants to hear about unique experiences. How else can you achieve this other than allowing your wings to fly and venture into new spaces? The most celebrated people in the world are the likes of: Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama & Nelson Mandela are people who decided to challenge the system and create a new path which we all desire to follow. Do you want to leave a legacy? If so, the secret is to create your own path.

The higher road will come with its fair share of challenges as well as criticism.Your loved ones may not understand why you want to go beyond the norms. Confidence is therefore key and believing that you’ve got what it takes to do this. As long as you know where you are headed, how to get there lies in your hands.

Each time you are unsure on whether to follow the multitude or face your fears and take the higher road, think about the road with traffic jams.It has so many people and the probability of getting to your destination is quite low. Further more, the likelihood of colliding is even higher. In this case, you would rather take the road less travelled.So apply that in real life as well and follow your heart.

The average person wants to follow the footsteps of others,while the extraordinary person wants to create their own path.

Live your dream and let your dream have life. Don’t just live life; live and leave distinctive footprints of life in your life. There shall surely be criticisms and oppositions in all forms, but know your true purpose and understand how to give life to your true purpose no matter what. A true purpose is a true purpose notwithstanding where it is, though environment can hinder the true and real growth of a true purpose! Dream and give life to your dreams!”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah       To get a male perspective on this, please read Mitchell’s post HERE

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