Buses and trains are the most popular modes of transport in the world owing to their capacity and convenience. In both of these...

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Buses and trains are the most popular modes of transport in the world owing to their capacity and convenience. In both of these modes of transport they have, along their route of operation, some designated places where they stop to drop or pick passengers. These are known as bus stage or bus stop. In countries where the traffic rules are followed and respected, people only board or alight at these designated places. Both modes of transport operate at time set intervals. It can be after fifteen or thirty minutes and this is respected by the operators. They have to observe time because if they delay for even a few minutes, they will greatly inconvenience or mess the plans of their clients.

Clients are also bound by these timelines and if you delay for even a minute, you will miss your bus, or train. We must agree on one thing though that sometimes unexpected events crop up and we fail to get to the bus stop on time. All of us will agree there is nothing as stressful as missing your bus or train, more so, if you have an important appointment. But if this does happen, we don’t cancel our plans but rather, we wait for the next bus. You also can’t sit at the bus stop moaning that you missed your bus or train. If you do so, people will view you as one who needs serious psychiatric attention.

This whole scenario applies to our personal lives. We all have dreams and aspirations in life and most, if not all of us, have timelines by which we wish to have accomplished them. But truth be told, you cannot hold all factors constant. Along our journey of life, unexpected events may crop up. These make us miss  our deadlines. It might be wrong company that made us veer off course, lack of financial capabilities to pursue our studies or start a business or even illness. If these come up, we should learn to adjust our timeliness but not our goals. Delay should not lead to abortion. One other thing we should never do is sit there sulking and crying hoping to get some sympathy. This world is very unforgiving and it has no time for complainers and whiners. It requires some very strong shock absorbers that can handle even the hardest of falls. My simple advice is: If you miss your bus, don’t sit there crying. Wait for the next one. Do all you can but never ever give yourself an excuse to remain at the bus stop. In other words, just keep moving towards your destination. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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