I believe every one of us has had contact with balloons, be it in our formative years or even as grown-ups. We either...

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I believe every one of us has had contact with balloons, be it in our formative years or even as grown-ups. We either played with balloons when we were children or used them during celebrations of occasions such as weddings, birthdays or corporate functions.

Balloons serve their purpose best, when inflated. There is perhaps one fact here that we can all agree upon and this is that, while a deflated balloon may not float in the air, it still remains a balloon. The air in it simply helps it to fulfil its purpose but air or no air, it still retains the qualities of a balloon.

I don’t intend to sound insulting but we humans have similarities with balloons. All of us are born with talent(s) and gifts but sometimes, we veer off-course and in some instances, we mess up. More often than not, many of us feel useless and all hope seems lost. We stop dreaming and all hope dies. This becomes worse if we are popular or famous or if what we did, is public knowledge. The world as we know it, is very unforgiving and we rarely have someone to cover our backs. Instead, we are made to feel like we have committed mass murder and no amount of sacrifice or water can cleanse us.  Rather than face failure, many of us will err on the side of caution, as long as we are busy doing something constructive. And yet, the most important action is the one that we undertake immediately after the mess. This can turn out to be the staircase to our future success or the final nail in our coffin.

This is the point I would like to briefly address namely to those of us who find ourselves at this point i.e like a balloon with no air. If you are a talented musician, actor, business person, leader, etc, that blunder you made (as long as you  come out alive), does not make you less talented. Your good vocals or flow of words on stage doesn’t vanish simply because of that mess. It remains intact. You may feel like a deflated balloon but all we need are strong shock absorbers to handle the pressure and we’re off, floating as before. As they say “If you have never failed, then you’ve never tried anything.” Albert Einstein. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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