In the recent past, I have had the privilege of visiting game reserves mostly on hilly or mountainous regions. I must admit that the views...

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In the recent past, I have had the privilege of visiting game reserves mostly on hilly or mountainous regions. I must admit that the views there are simply breathtaking. What with the occasional wild animals, indigenous trees in their natural settings, spectacular natural land forms, just complete the picture. In each of these visits, I always come out with lessons which incidentally apply in our day to day lives.

One common thing with all these game reserves is that there are game tracks which all hikers follow; sometimes these are the instructions of the guides. These instructions may be important because some areas have very steep descents, while others have dangerous animals especially snakes. But adventure without an element of risk is never complete, neither is it enjoyable.

Often times I choose to cautiously ignore the instructions of the guide and veer off the track though only for a short distance and I have never been disappointed. It’s here that you see scenaries that cannot be seen from the beaten path. You get photo shots of some rare plants and even features. For those who keep to the path, they only get to see and capture what all other hikers have seen and captured.

You can only see new things if you go to new places. You can only have a different experience if you do different things. What I am trying to say in a nutshell is this: We’ve grown up and been conditioned to think, see, and act in a certain way. This will always give us the same results. We keep complaining that things are not going the way we want and yet we still keep using the same method that tradition taught us. Things will only change the day we purpose to veer off the beaten path and try to explore unchartered areas. This is where we find hidden treasure, unknown to many. We need to question why things are/were done they way they were, by those before us. The fact that it worked yesterday does not mean it will work today. Learn to find more than one way of doing things. It is here that major discoveries were made. Most of the celebrated innovators did so when they went against the grain of traditional thinking. I conclude with these words by a famous man by the name of Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE 

Photo credit:The Wegners Living In Kenya


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