I have a colleague who once waited for a girl for 4 hrs. Imagine waiting 4 hours for a date? Someone else during...

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I have a colleague who once waited for a girl for 4 hrs. Imagine waiting 4 hours for a date? Someone else during that time frame has driven to Nakuru and is back in Nairobi while you’re seated in a restaurant waiting for a date. What exactly happens? Do you understand the logic behind that? Are women really poor at timekeeping or are there more games to it than meets the eye?

From a professional standpoint, women show up on time for meetings and assignments. They are able to meet deadlines. However, when it comes to social settings, all of a  sudden, someone needs to apply make-up, try out ten dresses before settling on which to wear. What exactly is going on here? Ladies, do you mind helping out a brother?

I know many men who have borne the full brunt of this. Over the December holidays, I was travelling to Kikopey with someone. We agreed on a time to meet up. In fact the irony is, it was she that proposed that we meet an hour earlier than I had proposed which I then agreed to. Shock on me when she appeared an hour later. But because she can smile and charm her way around me, she got away with it. I found myself not taking issue with it. As a matter of fact, laughing over it. One would think she have waned the magic wand over me. This, my friend, are the life chronicles that bedevil the boy child.

So back to our colleague who endured the 4 hour wait. When he called her to notify her of his arrival in Nairobi CBD, that was when she apparently hit the bathroom. She was surprised by his ability to stick it out for 4 hours. How resilient can a man be?

I think some women also use delays to communicate they are not interested in you that way.  I hope my male readers can read signals and take hints.  It could be her way of saying no way. Though, I’d encourage my lady readers to be a bit more direct. If you’re not interested, do not consent to the date. Make things very clear from the beginning. To get a female perspective on this, click HERE


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