Ever wondered how a small mouse could bring down a huge elephant? Yes me neither,...

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Ever wondered how a small mouse could bring down a huge elephant? Yes me neither, cause the truth is a mouse is an elephant slayer.
Anyway, this season has been a season full of mixed fortunes for most big teams. Like PSG experiencing a French leagueless campaign; Manchester United finishing outside the confines of Champions League spots and Barcelona literally dropping out of there usual trophy spot.
Arsenal’s season was hanging on a thread and Wenger’s peace too. He was lucky he was able to salvage the F.A Cup so the Arsenal fans take a sabbatical from frying him once again. The Gunner fans changed their standing again and now want their Manager to stay. What a major U-turn from them. Weren’t they the same ones who pulled a David Moye’s Manchester by flying a helicopter at the top of their stadium with a banner that says he should leave? Talk about fans who don’t know what they want!
Now some of them are even suggesting that Wenger sign a 50 year contract. Really? How Arsenal fans amaze me. Come next season we will witness their usual u-turn: support Manager in the beginning stages and later force him out, then Wenger performs well and then the fans want him to stay on. It’s like a soap opera really. name should change to Alejandro.
This season has been all about grasping the small trophies. Not for its little prestige, but for redemption. Redemption for lost glory before United won the Europa League. Lots of questions were raised; is it a competition worth fighting for? Is it a lost cause? Should United struggle within the League to fight for the top four spot? We all know how that turned out.
So much has been won for United after putting all of their eggs in one basket, not just a trophy, but pride has been restored to the badge tarnished 3 seasons back. A season in the Champions League next season is also on the cards, not to mention that glorious undisputed mentality of winning. It is like ‘GGMU’ never went away.
Small trophies have made a big difference this season. Lets see how those big clubs go on from there.  To read more posts by Eddie, click HERE
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