‘THE PROPOSAL’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

'The Proposal' Male Perspective Once a man settles for a woman and is prepared to spend the rest...

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‘The Proposal’ Male Perspective

Once a man settles for a woman and is prepared to spend the rest of his life with her, then comes the next battlefield; The proposal.

To tell you the truth, the internet has helped us. At least we know this is a very significant moment for the woman and therefore, both of us. Subsequently there is deliberate effort put into popping the question and blessing her with the rock. Otherwise, we’d just come and tell you, let’s get this thing over and done with. Again, were it not for the internet, this probably wouldn’t be an issue. Women would be happy that they’re married; great proposal or otherwise., right?

Anyway congratulations to all men who’ve done a good job with the wives and fiancées, we celebrate you. As for the rest of us who’ve not yet crossed this path, I know it looks mystic but hang on in there, I’m sure you will pull off a great one. There’s no blue print you can copy, you will have to tailor your situation to the preference of the woman you love and to the situation at hand however, there is some wisdom you could borrow from here.

Most importantly, as I have already mentioned above, is to tailor your proposal to the unique tastes and preferences of your woman. If adventurous, explore an outdoor breathtaking nature trail, some mountain climbing, airlifting, hot air ballooning, whatever works. If she is not very adventurous or traditional, then perhaps pick a hotel and deliver your proposal over a dinner setting. Should she hint that she would appreciate a private proposal (only between herself and her husband to be), then honour that. The last thing you want is to lift a proposal you saw on YouTube and paste it on to someone’s life.

Understand her interests, is she a chocolate person? How about flowers? Would she want her friends around? How about her siblings? I’m sure you get the point. Pursue the parental blessing from both sides prior to your moment of fame. This goes a long way, although I respect your decision if you choose to do otherwise. I know circumstances do differ.

Do your calculations really well, probe whether the woman feels the same before proceeding. The worst case is a woman saying No or Maybe Yes, as it was unexpected and she bowed to public pressure at the time but then later and privately, tells you that she cannot accept. It’s not the end of the world if you go through this. I wish you well though with your arrangements. So, until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world.  Click HERE to read more posts by Mitchell.

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