I have really wanted to talk about this for some time now. It has been disturbing me, giving me nightmares. So I think...

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I have really wanted to talk about this for some time now. It has been disturbing me, giving me nightmares. So I think and hope if I talk about it, I will get to exorcise the demons and sleep soundly like a log.

The Champions League game between PSG and Barcelona, both legs, is what I am going to talk about. The first round was at PSG. These teams have been meeting more often than usual in recent Champions League seasons, be it the group stage or knock out stages.

Even though Barcelona entered the first leg without form, they were still the team to beat. How so, I hear you ask? Simple! Because they are Barcelona! Plus previous encounters show that Barcelona emerge victorious.

The first leg commenced with fire, PSG bringing their A game to Barcelona. Messi and company were so awful, you couldn’t even tell whether Suarez was on the pitch. Barcelona were demolished and one could say that the tie was done and dusted but theoretically it was still possible for Barcelona to comeback.

You obviously know how it panned out with the most historic comeback ever in the Champions League. From 4 nil down, to progress with a 6-1 advantage in to the second leg. To be honest PSG blew it. Trying to rest Di Maria, one of their star players in the 1st leg, in the 2nd leg? PSG called on him too late as he came on as a substitute when Barcelona was dominating the game. PSG tried but ended up scuffing alot of chances.

They truly have themselves to blame but can’t we also blame UEFA (European football governing body) for the torrid refereeing decisions; giving penalties that were not supposed to be penalties? Some say Barcelona are UEFA-lona. Since the Barcelona vs Chelsea games many fans saw that Barcelona were being favored by the major UEFA, since most critical decisions went their way. From unwanted red cards going to the other team to clear penalty decisions not being awarded to the other side.

But well, this time round Barca played well, PSG missed major chances to put the tie to bed and to put the cherry on the cake, UEFA came in handy too. Will Barcelona win it this season? Are Barcelona favored by UEFA or is this simply a conspiracy?

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